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Best TV Anchor Denver 2012 - Jeremy Hubbard

Readers' Choice: Kyle Dyer, Channel 9

The era of Ron Burgundy is long over. Those ultra-cushy teleprompter-reading gigs that come with hefty clothing allowances are a thing of the past for local talking heads. Which is why anchors like Jeremy Hubbard of Fox 31/KWGN/Channel 2 News are such a welcome sight in these days of shrinking news holes and budgets. Hubbard's a workhorse who's done some heavy lifting, both on-site at disaster scenes across America as a reporter for NewsOne (a service of ABC News), and here at home, where he still hustles to get stories. With his go-getter attitude and smooth delivery, Hubbard's earned some quality ass time in the anchor's chair. And there's no chance that he'll tell us to go fuck ourselves live on air.

Peoples' Choice: Kyle Dyer, Channel 9

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My pick is Ron Zappolo doesn't get any better then that. The real deal..Ron Zappolo is the best interviewer by far this town has ever seen. Roddie

Kris Ketz
Kris Ketz

Jeremy Hubbard is the real deal. Take it from someone who's seen him work.

Dr Riveringtonwest
Dr Riveringtonwest

What I really liked about Jeremy Hubbard is when he co-anchored the ABC overnite national broadcast. It was excellent. Beautiful set, not like that fox crap. Lighting was good. The stories were good, smarmy and well written. How does he go from ABC overnite anchor to cowboy hell on Fox 31 ??

Right now ABC overnite is terrible as is NBC. But CBS overnight is very good. And while I am at it. Charlie Rose on CBS is by and away far The absolute best TV morning show. All the rest is CRAP