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Best TV Newscast Denver 2012 - Channel 2

Readers' Choice: Channel 9

An hour-long digest of local news that's on at the right time for anyone who actually works for a living, KWGN's 7 p.m. newscast on Channel 2 provides the right mix of breaking local fare — fires! weather! sports! more fires! — with strong national pieces. In an information-flooded world, this local newscast helps keep Denver's head above water. 

Readers' Choice: Channel 9

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Dougie Doug
Dougie Doug

Like the Channel 2 news at seven. It's a lot more easy going than those other shows on 9News. But my only advice is get rid of Deborah Takahara! Can you say boooooring? Plus she looks like a skeleton. Put one of those Fox cuties on there, like Hema Muller or Nina Sparano. Or better yet all Libby Weaver all the time!!!!