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Best 24/7 Restaurant Denver 2013 - Tom's Urban 24

Tom\'s Urban 24

Tom's Urban 24

1460 Larimer St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Readers' Choice: Tom's Urban 24

There are numerous reasons to be out and about in Denver, even at 3 a.m., and Tom's Urban 24 will make sure that you never go to bed with a growling belly — although if you're two sheets to the wind, you might have a few problems maneuvering your way through the menu, which is as long as the work day is short. A new addition to Denver's very small round-the-clock lineup, Tom's is a massive, hip joint on the edge of Larimer Square. Spry young servers deliver food that's anything but diner-standard, with options including deviled eggs, truffled lobster and shrimp pot pie, thin-crusted pizzas topped with figs, and even pho. There are plenty of other insomnia-assisters, too: burgers, Mexican staples, eggs done every which way, salads and sandwiches, all of which promise to fortify you for that late-night prowl. There's also a full bar pouring beers, craft cocktails and wine until 2 a.m. and starting again five hours later — which gives all-nighters an excuse to return bright and early for a daily dose of hangover-helping liquid courage.

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The good thing about Westword's Best of Denver is they can concoct a category for everyone. At Tom's Urban 24, I would say their round-the-clock hours are the only aspect worthy of acclaim... everything else is pretty lame.


"Best 24/7 Restaurant?"

Let's see, with a couple of truck stops, Perkin's and Denny's for competition, the bar on 24/7 restaurants isn't very high, which is lucky for Tom's. Very flashy, but they need to learn: SERVICE AND FOOD trump all.


@cantake8 I absolutely agree! Been there twice, not going to bother again.