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Best BBQ Denver 2013 - Boney's Smokehouse BBQ

Boney\'s Smokehouse BBQ

Boney's Smokehouse BBQ

1543 Champa St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Here's a meaty subject: Why is Denver so shy of good barbecue spots? There's no easy answer for that — but there's an easy answer for the best BBQ joint in town. And the best just got better this year when Boney's Smokehouse, Lamont and Trina Lynch's downtown, down-home restaurant, moved into a much bigger space next door that not only allowed for an expansion of hours, but an expansion of the menu, as well. Lamont, a native of Florida, has spent years giving a Southern tweak to a repertoire of family recipes imported from the Bahamas; as a result, the barbecue here defies categorization. It's simply Lamont style, and that's very good, indeed. He relies on a dry rub and smokes the meat — brisket, pulled pork, hot links, chicken and ribs — over low heat for a long time. He and Trina make their own sauces; the house version is thick and tomato-based, both tangy and peppery, though not too spicy — and there's a jalapeño-infused version, too.

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Ernie's Big Chef BBQ on Welton  the Points will always be the best bbq Denver ever had to offer.

Long gone, but still the best.

RIP Ernie - we all miss you, and your Q.


I got to say first off the new space is nice, but I preferred the small intimate feel of the smaller. I ordered the 2 bbq meat plate and was surprised on what my brisket looked like, it was a pile of chunks and shreds of beef, I asked the owner about how the brisket was supposed to be served and I was told in slices unless you got the brisket sandwich, so I thought than why did I get what I got when clearly I was supposed to get the slices? oh well the owners wife brought out the correct serving and cut to my table, back in my happy bubble! but than I started to eat the collard greens, WOW! way to salty so I asked for this to be replaced with the mac and cheese, way better. And now I start to eat the ribs, and man were they dry, not to dry but just lacking that special ummfff to make me want to come back again for the ribs. The corn bread was not bad, but I do miss the large semi sweet corn bread I would get back in the south. So the service was good all though I had to start the conversations and pull the employees into talk mode, and no body asked me if every thing was ok after I got my order, heck every restaurant I go to dose that and even during my meal. The place looked clean the along with the employees. The deco was a little bland, but the R and B music in the background was cool. Sounds like this place has potential and needs to put more  of that soul into there business, So for all this I place two stars on the rating board