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Best Central/South American Restaurant Denver 2013 - Las Salteñas

Las Salteñas

Las Salteñas

4666 S. Yosemite St.

Greenwood Village, CO 80111


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You may not even know that metro Denver has a Bolivian restaurant, much less what kind of food you'll find there. But this tiny restaurant's name gives away the Bolivian national treasure: empanada-like pockets of beef or chicken stew called salteñas. Soupy and notoriously difficult to eat without spilling, salteñas contain spicy filling studded with olives, potatoes and diced hard-boiled eggs. Poke a hole to let the steam out before nibbling the slightly sweet pastry and downing the rich, warming broth. Other specialties include lomo borracho — a beer-based, chunky beef soup topped with a fried egg — and pique macho, a street-food-lover's dream dish of tender beef, french fries, hot dog slices and spicy gravy. With only a few seats in the place, takeout is a definite option, but then you'll miss the owner's warmth, charm and wistful descriptions of Bolivian culture and cuisine.

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so sad!  My hisband is from Bolivia and we found this restaurant too late.  I guess we will need to go back to RI for saltenas.  thanks fro the info.


I have heard htis restaurant in closed, can you tell me if that is true?

Mantonat topcommenter

@choquek  Yep, unfortunately they closed sometime last summer, so there are currently no Bolivian restaurants in the Denver area and no place to get salteñas. If you're looking for good empanadas, try Empanad Express on W. 44th (Venezuelan) or Los Pastes on Parker Rd. in Aurora (Mexican). Maria Empanada should also be re-opening in it's new location on S. Broadway sometime this month for great Argentinian-style empanadas.