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Best Chocolates Denver 2013 - Black Star Chocolates

Gourmet chocolatiers Jennifer Spielman and Andrew Starr produce small batches of handmade artisan chocolates with seasonal ingredients like lavender buds, fresh mint and jasmine flowers. In the process, they not only make piles of chocolates, but collect piles of awards: Black Star's signature Saffron Rose Cream won both grand champion and best non-traditional truffle at the 2012 Colorado Chocolate Festival. Their latest creation is a smoked bourbon-grapefruit zest, bittersweet Swiss chocolate that will give Denver chocolate fans something new to love.

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My favorites are the Mint Cherry Cordials. (I wasn't sure I'd approve of the mint, but there is just enough to enhance the cherry-ness.)  And I'm usually not one for subtle flavors, but the Saffron Rose Creams are a sublime delicacy.  No wonder they won an award.  This is chocolate *science and sensibilities* like I've never experienced anywhere else.  I'll be in line to try anything they create, even smoked bourbon-grapefruit zest!