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Best Italian Restaurant Denver 2013 - DiFranco's



955 Lincoln St.

Denver, CO 80203


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Readers' Choice: Il Posto

When it comes to Italian cuisine, simplicity, craftsmanship and unassailable ingredients are what count — and DiFranco's, an unassuming, low-key joint that started as an Italian deli, embraces all of those attributes. It serves a lovely selection of house-made pastas, including a terrific tagliolini carbonara specked with pancetta and haloed with a yolky egg, as well as a textbook-perfect Bolognese textured with chewy pappardelle pasta. The subs, stacked on fresh-baked bread layered with fresh mozzarella, super-high-quality Italian meats and vegetables just plucked from the earth, are equally transcendent, and even the salads deserve your attention. And don't even think about waltzing out the door without trying the meatballs, cannoli or ricotta cookies.

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Are you kidding. Talk about having your friends vote for you. I went there this week and let me tell All of you out there, this place is nowhere close to being the Best Italian in Denver. If voters voted Olive Garden the best, would Westword print that. There's got to be some safeguards. On a scale of 1-10, it's a solid 5 in my opinion and I'm kinda go a foodie snob. It is small, one community table and two ,two tops. You'll be shocked.