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Best New Coffeehouse Denver 2013 - Black Eye Coffee Shop

Black Eye Coffee Shop

Black Eye Coffee Shop

3408 Navajo St.

Denver, CO 80211

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Readers' Choice: Black Eye Coffee

Black Eye Coffee keeps its brews to a sophisticatedly high standard that appeals to a growing crowd of java aficionados, using the handcrafted method of pour-over to personally construct each cup of Sweet Yellow Brazil, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or whichever of the four varieties is on the bi-weekly rotation. While you sip, it's not uncommon to find yourself conversing with one of the three java-Jedi owners of Black Eye on topics ranging from fair-trade beans, to the necessity of roasting beans at elevation for an elevation brew, to why Starbucks just doesn't understand the subtle nuances of a properly executed cup of coffee.

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