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Best Radio Sports Show Denver 2013 - CJ & Kreckman

Readers' Choice: The Drive, 104.3/The Fan

Nate Kreckman hasn't always received the attention he's deserved for being one of the most entertaining sports-radio personalities in Denver. Likewise, partner Charles Johnson has occasionally been dismissed as a walking, talking advertisement for University of Colorado athletics. But their partnership is finally earning notice, and not just locally, but beyond: Their interview with ex-CU tight end Nick Kasa, in which he revealed inappropriate questions about sexuality put to him during the NFL combine, generated headlines nationwide. Still, perhaps the main reason to tune in is because of their easy camaraderie. They seem to genuinely enjoy spending time ribbing each other while they gab about sports — and fortunately, the rest of us are invited to take part.

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I agree with this writeup. Nate is vastly underrated and has a nice air hockey game although he needs work at ping-pong. And CJ ... how can you not like CJ?