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Best Rock Massage Therapist Denver 2013 - Abby Jane Palmer

When she's not tenderizing the muscles of stressed-out working folk in the Capitol Hill Whole Foods, Abby Jane Palmer is often moonlighting at rock concerts, keeping blood pressure low and limbs loose for big-name acts passing through Denver. Last year alone, she methodically kneaded the road-weary backs and shoulders of performers in My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Jack White's touring band, Beats Antique and Thievery Corporation. But Palmer welcomes non-famous clients as well, either in her Massage Spot chair at Whole Foods or through her private practice, where you can schedule a more thorough (no, not that thorough) session.

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My mom loves the time of week when she goes for massage therapy.  It relaxes her so much and it makes the rest of her week better.  It helps with her back problems and makes her like she walk around more.  I could see how traveling famous people would need a massage.