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Best Sports Team — College Denver 2013 - Colorado State University men's basketball

Readers' Choice: University of Denver Pioneers Hockey

The race for college basketball dominance in Colorado is on, and we're hoping it continues for years. This season, the CSU Rams lost their only head-to-head match-up with the University of Colorado, but on the whole, Colorado State had an excellent season, finishing second in the Mountain West conference and getting into the NCAA Tournament alongside their rivals from Boulder. And while some might point to the competition disparity between the Mountain West and the Pac-12, look again: Both conferences have five teams in the tournament, and the Mountain West had an average seed of eight, while the Pac-12 has an average seed of about nine. You decide which is more impressive.

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Pac-12 went 4-1 in the first round (with lower seeds) and the MWC went 1-4 (including a loss in the first four).  CU also beat CSU, if you missed that, but CSU went further so that's all good ... But most of all, there was a Division I college team at CU that won a national championship.  Miss that one?