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Best Steakhouse Denver 2013 - Shanahan's



5085 S. Syracuse St.

Denver, CO 80237


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Readers' Choice: Elway's

Steakhouses are all about unabashed high-roller gluttony, and when you're paying a head and a hoof for their beef, the cow better damn well be worth the price of its hide. Luckily, the steaks at swanky Shanahan's, while ludicrously expensive, make the cut. Mineraly, chewy, dribbling with crimson droplets of blood and beautifully crusted, these are the steaks of cow-craving hedonists, who plunge their knives into the prime-aged flesh, shimmering on stark white plates, and then happily pull out the credit card. The side dishes — the usual suspects, including creamed corn, creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin — are excellent too, although as with everything else here, you'll pay through the barn for the indulgence. But as we all know, luxury has its price.

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The steaks are not PRIME!!!!! nor AGED!!!!

The steaks are not PRIME!!!!! nor AGED!!!!