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Best TV Sportscaster Denver 2013 - Vic Lombardi

Readers' Choice: Vic Lombardi

Sports is sometimes described as the toy department of TV news — but it matters mightily to a lot of us, and to Vic Lombardi, too. Far from seeming bored by decades of watching guys and girls run around, he comes across as passionately engaged with the glories and goofiness of athletic competition — awestruck when something unusual or remarkable happens, but able to laugh along with us when things get silly. On top of that, he still offers the sort of commentary that used to be a staple of newscasts but has been left by the wayside at too many stations: He has opinions, and he isn't afraid to use them.

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Nothing against Vic.  But SHOCKER. Since 2000, this award has gone to 14 males, zero females.  Vic has won 5 times, he's good, Drew, who is not good, has won three times.  Others include Goodman, Mackey, the other Socier and McIntosh as winners this millennium.  Maybe time to wake up and actually figure out that the women are doing better sports casts and reporting these days. Kami Carmann, Susie Wargen, Alanna Rizzo before she left for a national network, Julie Browman, Maya Starks.  They all do awesome work and are never considered.  Usually they don't even appear in your defaults for voting.  Time to wake up!