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Best Collision of Couture and Art Denver 2014 - Goldyn


2040 W. 30th Ave.

Denver, CO 80211


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Highland's Goldyn boutique has carved out an unusual niche since it opened a few years back, bringing up-and-coming and established designers to Colorado through its high-profile trunk shows. But what really sets the couture hub apart from the commercial pack is its thought-out collaborations with local artists. Photographer Kristen Hatgi-Sink has designed store windows for the shop, which has also exhibited her work. Goldyn also hosts regular shindigs where guests can peruse the latest in global fashion from Helmut Lang, Cartel Noir and Lizzie Fortunato while enjoying live music, expertly mixed cocktails and the occasional palm reading and manicure. Light-years ahead of the retail game in Colorado, Goldyn is more than just a store; it's a platform for art of all mediums.

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haha Tam Beau this is true ;) Denver Westword seriously so grateful you all appreciate

Tam Beau
Tam Beau

Rad! You know you're doing something different and awesome when they start inventing "Best Of" categories to describe what it is you are doing.