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Best Front-of-the-House Staff Denver 2014 - Wooden Table

Wooden Table

Wooden Table

2500 E. Orchard Ave.

Greenwood Village, CO 80121


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Readers' Choice: Old Major

At this lovely restaurant, chef Brett Shaheen turns out Italian-inspired dishes that deserve standing ovations (his pappardelle with venison and chicken-liver mousse is remarkable), and he'll bring your clapping to a roar with his crimson-hued lamb chops plated with a mushroom turnover. But it's the effervescent presence of front-of-the-house veteran and general manager Gary Keller that resonates throughout the lively dining room. Keller — whose combined decades of running the floor at Panzano, Palace Arms, and the shuttered Cafe Giovanni, Cliff Young's and Highland's Garden Cafe have made him the city's most consummate professional and committed caretaker — graciously touches every table, educating guests about his new stunner of a wine list, cheeses from around the globe and the anatomy of Shaheen's plates. He makes every guest feel like royalty, but there's no pretense to his performance — just effortless smiles and big-hearted hugs or handshakes that make you feel like you're the star of the show. Well played, sir.

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I was astonished when I read this!  A group of about 7 of us from my office had reservations there for a special celebration and when we arrived we were literally greeted by no one.  We stood there at the front of the restaurant for several minutes while people looked at us and kept walking by.  The  service was horrible and there weren't even that many people in the restaurant.  We had to keep asking our server for drink refills, more bread, etc.  The food was amazing, but for the price, I thought the service should have been stepped up about 10 notches.  Must have been an off night.


@eefette Most of these are paid-for-reviews anyway.  I truly appreciate your real-life experience though.  Not one word of this article makes me think the author was actually there.  When you regurgitate someone else's words, they still taste like, well.... someone else's words!