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Best Green Chile Denver 2014 - El Taco de México

El Taco de México

El Taco de México

714 Santa Fe Drive

Denver, CO 80204


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Readers' Choice: Santiago's

"For truly amazing flavors, El Taco de México is a must," wrote Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern, shortly after he and his film crew touched down in the Mile High City. El Taco de México is "Denver's quintessential taqueria," he said, pronouncing that it serves the "best menudo and tacos in the city." And after decades of plopping our butts on the canary-yellow stools overlooking the kitchen, we're not going to disagree. But he missed our favorite dish here: The superlative — and spicy — green chile continues to outshine all the competition. The stoic women who spoon it over everything from burritos to eggs never crack a smile — but we do after taking just one bite of the incredibly flavorful, peppery brew. No matter where you're coming from, you'll find a home at El Taco de México.

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My favorite quintessential *Californian* taqueria. There are still at least 5 or so in Ventura County, where Taco De Mexico started. Yelp it!