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Best New Face on a Colorado Icon Denver 2014 - Shotgun Willie's

Shotgun Willie\'s

Shotgun Willie's

490 S. Colorado Blvd.

Denver, CO 80246


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For three decades, Shotgun Willie's was housed in an unflashy little building next to the Glendale Target parking lot, entertaining the masses as only Shotgun Willie's can. But in 2013, the owners of the gentleman's club decided to replace the droopy old digs with firmer ones. Set back from the street, the new building is bigger and fancier but still manages to look a little retro (sort of a '90s look, rather than the '80s-style aesthetic of old). Shotgun's also acquired a new sign a little while back — an exaggerated version of its limp-shotgun logo. We hope those lights stay lit for a long time.

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