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Best Radio Sports Show Denver 2014 - The Locker Room 102.3 ESPN Denver

Readers' Choice: The Drive, 104.3/The Fan

After we named CJ & Kreckman, co-starring Charles Johnson and Nate Kreckman, the best local radio sports show of 2013, the powers-that-be at ESPN Denver showed their appreciation by promptly breaking up the team. But this time around, fixing something that wasn't broken turned out okay. Johnson is a good match with his new partner, veteran sportscaster Les Shapiro, and Kreckman, the most underappreciated talent on the local airwaves, is bringing out the best in his Locker Room teammates: longtime broadcaster Gary Miller and, especially, Broncos Ring of Famer Tom Nalen, whose lack-of-style style is irresistibly unpolished. Maybe the bosses knew what they were doing for once.

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Too bad there's not a Worst Of for this category: the hands down winner is the unlistenable-to combo of Goodman and Hastings on 104.3... poor Sandy Clough has to weather that shit storm every day, and that man deserves better.