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Best Store on Broadway Denver 2014 - Fancy Tiger

Fancy Tiger

Fancy Tiger

55 Broadway

Denver, CO 80203


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Readers' Choice: Buffalo Exchange

While their iconic craft and clothing stores didn't singlehandedly bring the bustle back to Broadway, Matthew Brown and jaime Jennings's Fancy Tiger mini-empire certainly led the way. The couple saw the potential of the Baker shopping district and ran with it, and both stores have grown comfortably into the rhythm of the street. Brown's clothing-and-accesories boutique exudes a hipsterish elegance and sense of design that can't be copied, while the craft shop spearheaded Denver's whole handmade scene with fabulous fabrics, books and notions, as well as classes and crafter nights that have helped build a strong, arty community.

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Thanks to Amber Corcoran (the co-owner of Fancy Tiger Crafts since 2009) for her hard work all these years.