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Best Thrift Store Denver 2014 - ARC Thrift Store

ARC Thrift Store

1405 Cortez Street

Denver, CO 80202


Map & Details>>

Readers' Choice: Goodwill

The best thrift stores are geographically removed from the gaggles of hipsters who peck otherwise decent shops into oblivion, and the ARC Thrift Store on Cortez is just such a place. Here you'll sift through endless racks of well-organized clothes, much of it fashionable; neatly arranged furniture; shelves of books you might actually want to read; and row after deep row of smartly arranged tchotchkes, cookware, picture frames and more. One of the best things about this ARC is that while you're there, you can put together a care package for a faraway friend and walk to the conveniently located U.S. Post Office next door and send it off.

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Ernie High
Ernie High

I got me some new underwear there... well, there new to me..

Jennifer Chavez
Jennifer Chavez

Im so very proud to work for this organazation-its a complete honor to know I contribute to helping children & adults with disabilities.I sincerely love my job - the ambassodors are sunshine to my day- my co-workers are the best team Ive ever worked with & last but not least my managers are so supppotive- our store manager Pam is THE BEST- please come visit our Broomfield store- you'll love it.*CONGRATZ ARC*

Shea Sweeney
Shea Sweeney

in part largely to Michelann Sweeney-Cordero