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Best Vegetarian Dish in a Non-Vegetarian Restaurant Denver 2014 - Fruition



1313 E. 6th Ave.

Denver, CO 80218


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Readers' Choice: Root Down

You never know exactly what chefs Alex Seidel and Matthew Vawter will be cooking up for the "grazing vegetarian" meal at Fruition. But one thing is certain: This combination appetizer and entree will be one of the best meals you've ever had. Fruition's commitment to the farm-to-table ethic and locally sourced food is a perfect match for vegetarian dining, and the chefs clearly enjoy exercising their creativity on the vegetarian option, offering up dishes you simply can't find anywhere else. The careful preparation is evident when the gorgeous plate is set down in front of you: It's almost too pretty to eat. But this is one masterpiece well worth annihilating.

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I went to Fruition years ago when they opened to rave reviews.  One in our party had 'pasta carbonara', what a mess.  A deconstructed dish (I believe I've heard it's still on th menu btw), if you've had good pasta carbonara, it's a real treat, lucious, rich, the egg yolk finish is super and adds to the crispy smoked bacon that winds it's way through the pasta, yum!   

What was served at Fruition, is a bowl containing, cavatelli pasta, a hunk of salt pork, and a hard-boiled egg, not kidding, that was it, just awful, confusing at best, thought it a prank, it wasn't.  Never went back.   PS  The beef culottes (?) were very average too.