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Acquired Tastes

What do Kurt Cobain and solar eclipses have to do with each other — besides the fact that most people didn’t find out about them until after they were over? Almost nothing. But don’t tell that to the Lab at Belmar. To those folks, there are strings that tie everything together; they just have to be found. Carnivorous plants and color-field painting? Chinese opera and Alfred Hitchcock? You bet.

The Lab’s mission for the Mixed Taste lecture series is to invite experts to lecture on two seemingly disparate topics and let audience interaction lead the way to finding the connections. Every Thursday, the Lab, 404 South Upham Street in Lakewood, hosts Mixed Taste with a different set of topics and new hopes for the outcome. Tonight, Walt Whitman and whole-hog cooking are on the docket for 6 p.m., or check out next week’s talk on tequila and the dark energy of the universe. (I thought tequila was the dark energy of the universe…) For more information, visit or call 303-934-1777.
Thu., Aug. 16


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