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Amateur Night

So you've got a watercolor self-portrait you're obsessed with showing people, huh? Or maybe it's that black-and-white photo of your girlfriend's navel, or a mosaic of Time magazine snippets forming a head shot of the commander-in-chief, or elbow macaroni pasted in the shape of a llama, or a sticky bun resembling Lance Armstrong, or even the greatest ALF Shrinky Dinks you've ever done: Everything is fair game tonight at Open Wall at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, 1750 13th Street.

"Think of it as an open mike night, but with artwork instead of poetry," says Travis Allison, director of promotions.

From 7 to 10 p.m., you're invited to hang one piece of art — no minimum or maximum size — on the museum wall for the duration of the evening, while DJ Jorge spins and you mingle with like minded artists. Admission is $10 for non members, free for members. For more information, check out or call 303-443-2122.
Fri., May 25, 7-10 p.m.


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