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Animal Instinct

My favorite piece of art that I own (although I truthfully couldn't afford it) is Dede LaRue's "Hell Cat," a ferocious, smiling cat outta hell whose golden tabby half torso leaps gleefully, taxidermy eyes all aglow, as if he's crashing through the wall to perform some willful destruction in my living room. I love "Hell Cat"; he's such an anarchist. I gave him to my husband for our anniversary one year, but secretly, I know he's mine, all mine. Actually, it's not a secret at all.

I know I'm not the first, and I'm surely not the last to fall under the spell of a LaRue creation: An animal-lover known for her often-humorous and sometimes politically motivated papier-mâché-based creatures, the area sculptor is a longtime local favorite whose work is always a pleasure to view. Such is the case with Shimmer: New Work by Dede LaRue, an up-to-the-minute LaRue showcase focusing on, but not limited to, recent works covered in mirrored mosaic reminiscent of the glittering Buddhist temples the artist encountered while traveling in Thailand.

Shimmer — just what the holiday shopping doctor ordered for all you spendthrifts like me — stays up through January 12 at Wilson Adams Gallery, 1307 Bannock Street. For details, call 303-825-0950 or visit
Nov. 9-Jan. 12, 2007


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