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MCA Denver is presenting an over-the-top group show in association of the Biennial of the Americas this summer called Energy Effects: Art and Artifacts From the Landscape of Glorious Excess. "We often talk about the need to conserve energy but this exhibition proposes that, seen through the lens of art, an excess of energy can be glorious,” says museum director Adam Lerner. "The museum is brimming with art and artifacts for Energy Effects, which features over twenty international, national and local artists showing art in all the galleries and throughout the public spaces of the museum. We are especially proud to be the premier venue to exhibit artist Jim Sanborn's ‘Terrestrial Physics,’ a full-scale, working model of the first particle accelerator."

The show continues until May 2011; for information, call 303-298-7554 or go to
June 30-Sept. 12, 2010


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