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Back to Nature

Museo de las Américas director Maruca Salazar wisely chose the work of five young Latin American artists to represent the museum during this summer’s Biennial of the Americas 2013. All of them, she says, are part of a new generation deeply concerned with environmental issues in a world overrun by artificial and commercial forces. Her show, Enviros/Around/Alrededor, “talks about how we are so submerged in artificial environments that we are not looking to the natural environment and not connecting with it” — and, perhaps more important, how we can get back in touch with the latter.

The five artists — Francisco Alvarado-Juarez (Honduras), Patricia Tinajero (Ecuador), Ariadna Capasso and Damian Keller (Argentina) and PAZ (Mexico) — all display what Salazar calls “a serious connect with the environment,” expressing the ongoing clash be-tween the artificial and the natural in thoughtful installations, in keeping with the overall Biennial focus on addressing modern issues confronting the Americas. Where they come from, that clash is maybe even more relevant...and obvious, as rainforests fall to urban encroachments on a grand level.

Enviros opens tonight with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Museo, 861 Santa Fe Drive; admission is free. For additional information, go to or call 303-571-4401. For more about Biennial satellite exhibits, visit
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: June 20. Continues through Sept. 22, 2013


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