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Bang Your Drum

Just when you thought you had a week off from the festivities, Kwanzaa is here! Now, you might be one of those who puts this holiday in the festivus-for-the-rest-of-us category, or maybe you believe that anything founded in the 1960s just isn't real. You might also think the founder is a little dodgy, especially after checking out his felony record. But I'm aligned with Hallmark, the USPS and the 1.6 percent of documented Americans who celebrate by wishing you and yours Unity, Self-determination, Responsibility, Sharing, Purpose, Creativity and Faith, the tenets of Kwanzaa. Today is the first day of the seven-day holiday, and the word of the day is pamoja (that's Swahili for "unity"). Demonstrate yours by joining Denver's preeminent dance company, the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre, for this evening's Kwanzaa parade, which leaves from Five Points (Welton and 26th) at 6 p.m. and continues along Washington Street, ending at the troupe's home at 119 Park Avenue West. Drums and other instruments are encouraged. For more information, call Sadora Jackson at 303-371-4793.
Wed., Dec. 26, 2007


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