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Best Metal Detector in a Club

A lot of venues, especially those that cater primarily to the hip-hop crowd, are employing various security measures to ensure patrons' safety. But most of the tactics -- from invasive pat-downs that border on manhandling to token once-overs from a $15 handheld wand from Radio Shack -- are insulting, humiliating or just plain ineffective. While the outside of Paladium and its conjoined twin, Oasis, may resemble the exterior of Scarface's posh club, the Babylon, a word to all you Tony Montana wannabes: Leave your "little friend" at home. Paladium's staff won't paw you with a DIA-level frisking -- what would be the point, with an industrial-sized metal detector at the front entrance? -- but they won't allow you to be the bad guy, either.


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