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Best Museum Show -- Group

When the well-known and highly regarded Cydney Payton took the helm of Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art last year, the art world held its breadth and waited for the unveiling of one of her signature shows. The wait ended with 5 Abstract, a look at five of the state's most significant abstract artists: Al Wynne, Bev Rosen, Bob Mangold, Clark Richert and Dale Chisman. It was the latest in a series of exhibits exploring the history of Colorado's modern and contemporary art that Payton has done since long before she was hired by the MCA. And she promises it won't be the last. Each artist in this exhibit has his or her own strong style, which is not necessary compatible with the others. But Payton gave all five separate space -- a tough job in the cramped quarters of the MCA. Sorry you missed it? Don't be. Responding to popular demand, the MCA has extended it through May.


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