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Blown Away

After having her wanderlust fulfilled by a tornado that slams her into a Technicolor world brimming with flying monkeys, munchkins, green-faced and sweet-as-pie witches, crabby apple trees, a timid lion, a rusting robot and a wannabe brainiac stuffed with straw, country girl Dorothy recants her desire to ditch Kansas and realizes there is no place like her black-and-white home. And for Denverites, there is no place like the Denver Central Library for relishing The Wizard of Oz again.

“This will be our maiden turn at showing a film on the side of the building, and we are excited to see a big, bold film like The Wizard of Oz projected outside and so large. The image will be about twenty feet high, so it will be a spectacle,” says Chris Loffelmacher, programmer for the Denver Public Library’s Fresh City Life. “We've been pining to show The Wizard of Oz for several years, and presenting it on its 75th anniversary seems serendipitous. The nationwide release of this film was on August 25, 1939, so we are right on top of the date.”

Register at and win a chance for VIP seating and a remastered copy of the movie. Then click your ruby slippers and head to this free screening at Acoma Plaza, near the west entrance of the Denver Central Library, at 14th Avenue and Acoma Street, tonight at dusk.
Fri., Aug. 29, 7:30 p.m., 2014


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