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Breezy Porticos

Opening with the bouncy, infectious "Ramona, Just the Other Day," These Record Highs finds Breezy Porticos in the familiar mode of slipping smart, emotionally mature observations into finely crafted pop masterpieces. Pop music doesn't need to be dumb or rife with cliches to be enjoyable, something Breezy Porticos proves in spades. On Highs, the act steps outside its signature twee guitar jangle and flirts with psychedelia on tracks such as "Vichy Sun" via keyboards and horns, while "Navel Gazing," an affectionate ode to the Navy Girls, mixes skiffle with a popular Tin Pan Alley ditty. Although the Breezies explore different textures and modes on the record, they never overextend themselves or feel the need to hit you over the head with superfluous complexity or rock power. Like most imaginative songwriters, they've found great success by limiting their palette and keeping things simple.
Sat., April 12, 2008


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