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Bridge to Nowhere

Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental’s The MeLTING BRiDgE promises to slam “the past into the future” and “conjure Mesoamerican concepts of time.” Clearly, that description doesn’t detail exactly what you’ll be seeing — but you can be assured that whatever it is, you won’t be bored.

Thaddeus Phillips’s theater pieces are always exhilarating, marked by playfulness, a creative approach to scale and a unique way of working with objects — from toy cars to video screens, tap shoes to plants. Phillips and co-director Tatiana Mallarino may be interested in big topics, but they make them accessible. Phillips has done a one-man version of King Lear, with a cigarette holder, plastic daisy and high-heeled shoe standing in for Lear’s three daughters; he’s used video of some of Latin America’s biggest telenovela stars as characters in El Conquistador; and he brought Palestinian hijacker Leila Khaled on stage in The Earth’s Sharp Edge.

This latest production, which is still being developed and will receive its official premiere in Philadelphia later this summer, confronts the perils currently facing us (climate change, fuel shortages) and explores past civilizations of the Americas in the hope of illuminating the future. “The work is a little darker,” Phillips says, “but in a good way — more mysterious.”

“We have to be more present and aware of the choices we make,” Mallarino adds. “Everything is changing at a crazy speed.”

Catch The MeLTING BRiDgE on stage at Buntport Theater, 717 Lipan Street, tonight at 8 p.m.; the show runs through July 5. Call 720-946-1388 or visit
Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: June 12. Continues through July 5, 2008


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