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Byrne, Baby, Byrne

"I'm a huge music fan," admits Steve Byrne, a comedian who's opened for Kanye West, Modest Mouse and Spoon, among many others. "I love everything from Dean Martin and Harry Connick Jr. to the Killers and the Beatles to Bob Wills and Dwight Yoakam. I think music and comedy complement each other. They truly are appreciated much more live than anything else."

In addition to offering animated and pointed but amiable observational humor through his stage act, Byrne’s become an increasingly visible screen commodity whose credits include Chappelle's Show, Four Christmases (he's also toured with the film's star, Vince Vaughn), and his own Comedy Central special, the uproarious Steve Byrne's Happy Hour. No matter where he pops up, though, he always tries to find a way to sneak in his aural obsessions.

"Music has become a major part of my act," Byrne explains, "from the closing bit, where I create my own boy band with the audience, to one of my favorite bits, where I stereotype people based on the music that they love: country, pop, rock, goth, rap, etc." For Byrne, making that connection with the crowd is what ties it all together. "I always compare a live show to a recorded one as the difference between seeing Fourth of July fireworks on TV or in person," he says. "Live is such a better experience all around."

Byrne kicks off a live four-night stand tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Denver Improv (8246 East 49th Avenue #1400). Seats to the 21+ show are $15; for tickets and more info, call 303-307-1777 or visit
Feb. 25-28, 2010


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