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Cheapo Dish

Claire Walter and Laura Daily are lifers when it comes to reporting, a dangerous prospect these days. So was laid-off Atlanta journalist Jennifer Maciejewski, who struck marketing gold when she started a blog called Atlanta on the Cheap and soon realized that the concept had had overgrown its sweet Georgia britches and had real national potential worth mining. That’s when Walter, a Boulderite, and Daily, a Denverite, came into the picture. Daily spotted the opportunity and thought it would be a good team project, and the rest is history: They joined Maciejewski’s network and launched their Mile High on the Cheap site in February, utilizing their different points of view as consumers. It’s been uphill all the way.

“We’re both congenital cheapskates, so this came easily to us,” Walter says — though, surprisingly, their clientele doesn’t necessarily share that long-lived sense of frugality. A lot of people are simply coming down to earth in the new economy and are slowly learning to be more parsimonious, an effort made easier by the website, which features daily listings of everyday bargains, sales, free events and cheap things in general. “We’re doing the walking or the looking for people so they don’t have to,” Walter notes. And it’s easy: To subscribe to an rss feed or daily e-mail, or just to look, go to It won’t be long before you know where all the Front Range bogos and freebies are to be had each day.
Mon., June 15, 2009


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