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Child Prodigies

For any parents who’ve ever foisted music lessons upon their unwilling offspring, the word “recital” will probably conjure up images involving stiffly combed hair, flubbed notes and the abject terror of kids getting their first taste of stage fright. But although it involves young musicians, tonight’s Tracing the Romantic Muse will not be that kind of recital.

Presented by the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra, the performance will showcase the prodigious talents of a generation of musicians who have been involved with the DPO from the very beginning. “All three of us have attended DPO concerts since before we could walk,” notes Alex Bauer, 21, pianist and son of longtime DPO bassist Lucy Bauer. He’ll be joined by his seventeen-year-old sister, Heidi (who has already done a five-year stint with the DPO), on cello, as well as thirteen-year-old Marieke, also on piano, for a concert focusing on such romantic-era composers as Chopin and Liszt, whose cascading arpeggios and ebbing sense of rhythm add up to solos that challenge even seasoned performers. What won’t be challenged is the audience’s attention span, as the repertoire focuses on relatively short pieces.

The recital, which begins at 2 p.m. at KPOF Hall, 1340 Sherman Street, is free, but donations to the DPO are welcome. For more information, visit
Sun., Jan. 2, 2 p.m., 2011


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