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Collected Works

You never know exactly why people choose to collect certain things. Sometimes it just starts accidentally: one object leads to another, ad infinitum. But part of the joy of collecting anything is in how it becomes an act of personal whimsy, a private freedom that can mean everything to you...or nothing at all. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot, depending on how you choose to amass whatever it is you collect.

When artists collect, though, the unique things on their shelves can also provide clues into the influences, motivations and themes in their work. Such might be the case with Faculty Collects, a new exhibit at the University of Denver’s Victoria H. Myhren Gallery showcasing objects from the idiosyncratic collections of sixteen DU School of Art & Art History faculty members. The collections contain items as simple as popsicle sticks and postcards or as complex as airline safety cards snatched from the seat pocket or a hilarious array of unintentionally steampunk Victorian vibrators, and all of them answer questions about the people who’ve gathered them together.

Faculty Collects, along with another exhibit, Master Watercolors From the Jan Perry Mayer Collection, remains on view through April 25; attend a reception tonight from 5 to 8 p.m. Go to or call 303-871-3716 for details.
April 1-25, 2010


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