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Color Your World

For the past year, Lowbrow has been rescuing art from the clutches of intellectuals and handing it back to inspired but untrained mortals. The gallery/art-supply store’s latest community-art project? Coloring. “We’re kind of coloring pushers,” explains Lauren Seip, Lowbrow co-owner. “People will hang out here, and we’ll be like, do you want to color? And they say they’re not an artist, but once they try it, they remember how fun coloring is.”

The concept is simple: Lowbrow has been handing out three coloring pages (all unicorn-themed) that people have returned to the store for a chance to be part of the Lowbrow Coloring Show — and possibly win prizes. “Coloring is something that is familiar to everyone, even if you haven’t done it in twenty years,” says Seip. “Whereas not everyone has done charcoal or oil painting. This gets people interested in art again. People whisper to me that they still enjoy coloring; I think there are a lot of closet colorers out there just waiting for a venue like this.”

Those colorers will come out of the closet when the Lowbrow Coloring Show opens with a free reception at 7 p.m. tonight at Lowbrow, 250 South Broadway. For more information, call 303-722-1797 or visit
Fri., April 5, 7 p.m., 2013


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