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Death Becomes Them

For Colorado authors Jesse Bullington and Stephen Graham Jones, no season — much less the holidays — is exempt from horror, weirdness, blasphemy or a little twisted humor. And so the two will read from their work tonight, head-to-head, in an event dubbed a Book-Signing Grudge Match to the Death.

“For me,” Jones explains, “literary events are always to the death. As for the grudge, Jesse and I have each lived in Tallahassee, so each of us thinks our separate recollections of Tallahassee are the best. However, there can be only one.”

Counters Bullington: “The promise shall be fulfilled when the egos of we two literary Gargantuas are flayed shrieking from our bodies and dispatched in bloody ruin upon the autographing table at the realization that all art is equal. That, or we’ll go Thunderdome on each other’s ass.”

In addition to offering the prospect of such bloodsport, the event will celebrate the release of Jones’s new offering, The Ones That Got Away, a wickedly imaginative short-story collection, and Bullington’s upcoming novel, The Enterprise of Death, which is the followup to his medieval horror-fantasy debut, The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart.

The Grudge Match starts at 7 p.m. at the Broadway Book Mall, 200 South Broadway. DJ Death Fez and Baby Eagle will perform, and any of the authors’ books signed at the event will be wrapped in complimentary zombie paper. Admission is free; for more info, call 303-744-2665 or visit
Fri., Dec. 17, 7 p.m., 2010


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