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Devils in the Details

"We never put anybody on stage unless they're a home run," asserts Carol Givan, co-owner of Castle Rock's Theatre of Dreams Arts and Events Center. She's that proud of tonight's performers, the Handsome Little Devils, featuring real-life brothers "Handsome" Mike and "Devil" Dan.

After touring Japan, Europe, Mexico, Canada and China, the Devils are bringing their shtick back to Castle Rock for the first time in years. "They do some singing, they do some stuff with unicycles, they juggle chainsaws," says Givan. "They have these pogo sticks that, as they jump up and down, throw flames out to the side. They even do a little bit of dancing."

And comedy, of course: Givan compares the Devils to the Smothers Brothers. For those of you who — for whatever reason — can't clearly remember the years 1967 to 1969, that's not faint praise. Back in the day, Tom and Dick Smothers had a huge TV audience and were affiliated with numerous comic heavyweights.

Get heated with the Devils at 8 p.m.; tickets are $20, and reservations are required. Make yours by calling 303-660-6799. The Theatre is at 735 Park Street in Castle Rock.


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