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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Each October, the Mercury Motley Players put together an original dramedy to entertain the masses. This year's Allied Witches: Hot Colombian Nights is no exception — though the Players may have outdone themselves in terms of scope and meaning.

"It's about the drug war in Colombia, it's kind of about the legacy of Columbus, and it's about global warming and immigration," explains the Mercury Cafe's Marilyn Megenity. And how does Allied Witches combine these various elements into a cohesive whole? "In a way, they're already related," notes Megenity, "because immigration generally comes from people who are fleeing terrible situations, and imperialism and the consumption of goods contributes to global warming.

"There's an aspect to it that plays like a spell," she adds. "It's like a dream and a nightmare. This play is kind of a tribute to Gabriel García Márquez." The show runs Fridays at 7:30 p.m. at the Merc, 2199 California Street, through the end of October, with a special Halloween performance on the 31st. Tickets are $10; visit or call 303-294-9258.
Fridays; Wed., Oct. 31. Starts: Oct. 5. Continues through Oct. 28, 2007


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