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Earth Tones

Museo de las Américas, which always gets more involved with its art than just hanging it on the wall, is getting even more in-depth than usual with From the Earth. For its latest offering, the Museo brings together ten Native American artists from different disciplines for a collective exhibit accompanied by a lecture series that calls them in, one by one, to talk about their craft.

“It’s not so much instructional, but the artists will come in, talk about their work, show how to do it,” says the Museo’s Tessa Harvey. “We’re trying to present it as just a chance to talk to the artists and see their work up close.” Artists include standouts like Gloria López Córdova, a master of wood-carved santos; one of the only recognized female santeras (almost all are men), Córdova has had work exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution and boasts a lifetime achievement award from the Spanish Colonial Arts Society. Her lectures takes place on October 21 at 1 and 5 p.m.

The exhibit opens tonight at 7 p.m. at the Museo, 861 Santa Fe Drive, with an artists’ reception, which, like all of the lectures, is free. For a full lecture schedule and other information, visit or call 303-571-4401.
Oct. 14-Jan. 31, 2010


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