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Eat Right

Food is one area of my life where I very rarely cut corners to fit a budget. Sure, I could poke through the discounted-produce bin at the supermarket — but why would I bring home an almost-wilted head of romaine lettuce when, for a few extra cents, I could have the crisp, fresh, organic version instead? And I’m no better when I go out to eat: I shun such plebian delights as Taco Bell and Wendy’s so I can have a real taco or hamburger, one that makes my mouth water days later when remembering the meal.

Of course, with the current economic climate, I can’t eat out as much as I would prefer, but that’s all the more reason to make a trip to a restaurant a true gastronomic delight. And Denver Restaurant Week makes that easier than ever. Restaurant Week veterans need no further urging, but for the uninitiated, here’s why these seven days are the best thing to happen to your food budget in a long time: Starting today and continuing through February 27, you’ll be able to enjoy a multi-course dinner for a very reasonable $26.40, or $52.80 if you bring a date. Almost 200 restaurants across the metropolis are participating, so whether you’re a fiend for French food or are craving some Caribbean, there will be a deal for you. For a full list of participating restaurants (complete with menus), visit
Feb. 21-March 6, 2009


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