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Everybody Together

Sometimes, when my girlfriend and I are feeling silly and carefree, we go for rides around town on my 49cc scooter and scream in unison the lyrics to Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" — only we yell "scootering!" instead of "motoring!" I'm telling you this because, as a scooter owner/lover, you can understand and appreciate the euphoric hilarity that often accompanies scootering, and because it's precisely this sense of merriment that organizers hope will embody this weekend's Colorado Chaos Scooter Rally.

"Everybody in Denver on a scooter — that's my goal," says Tai Beldock, marketing director for Erico Motorsports. "But I'm also hoping that we're starting an epic event that continues to grow and grow. We have an amazing city that typically has great weather; we have gas that's back over three dollars, and we're doing our part to let people know that scootering is not only a viable mode of transportation, but it's also a lot of fun."

The fun begins today with registration, a visit from BBC America's BritBus Tour, the VesSPA scooter wash and a meet-and-greet at the Mercury Cafe. The Historic Colfax Scooter Ride — where scooterists will travel from Stapleton to Lakewood, stopping at various businesses to collect commemorative pins — is just one of tomorrow's highlights, which also include a picnic with the British Motorcycle Association of Colorado, a trip to Lakeside Amusement Park, and dancing at Old Curtis Street Bar. And Sunday features a ride to the Buffalo Rose in Golden and partying at Polly Esther's.

Registration for the whole weekend is $35. Get the full schedule and all the details at or by calling 303-308-1811.
May 18-20


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