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Evil Thoughts

Robert Louis Stevenson's classically creepy story of Victorian repression and split-personality disorder is coming to the stage tonight in an innovative show from Firehouse Theater. Using Jeffrey Hatcher's stage adaptation, this production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyderetells the chilling story of a well-respected, even-keeled doctor whose experiments bring out his alter ego, the evil Mr. Hyde. Rather than have one actor play the notorious criminal, though, Hatcher uses four actors to portray different aspects of Hyde, from the intellectual persona to a seductive woman. Together they portray a more complete view of the monster living inside Jekyll.

Director Brian Brooks says that what he loves about the story is how ahead of its time it was, inspiring other stories in which the hero and villain are one and the same, like Fight Club. "Everyone says all the time that they awaken from horrible nightmares, so why is it if we're all really kind and really generous people while we're awake, we have the most horrible thoughts while we're sleeping?" asks Brooks. "There's something to that, and I think Robert Louis Stevenson was kind of the first to really just run with it and make an important piece of fiction out of it."

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde opens tonight at the John Hand Theater, 7653 East First Place in Lowry, and runs Fridays, Saturdays and select Sundays through November 3. For tickets, $18 to $20, and more information, including showtimes, call 303-562-3232 or visit

Fridays-Sundays. Starts: Oct. 5. Continues through Nov. 3, 2012


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