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Express Yourself

Max Montrose, a Regis University junior studying sociology, anthropology and art, was hanging out in his pajamas at the coffeehouse early one morning when he noticed a guy, “this middle-aged dude,” trying to get on the Internet without much luck. Choosing to show random kindness, Montrose gave him a hand, which somehow led to a three-hour discussion. Finally, Montrose recalls, “he asked me what I’d do if I could come up with one project that would change society in one way.” It took him a while, but when Montrose finally made up his mind, the concept of the Voice Box Project was born: He’d construct a three-dimensional, cube-shaped canvas with the capability to upload digital media and let people express themselves in whatever way they chose. “They could write their poetry on the cube or record it, using a microphone. They could paint on it. It’d be magnetic, so they could attach magnets to it. They could attach sculptures to it. They could upload digital media into it.” Anything goes, he decided, in the name of free expression.

Now it’s your turn to add your two cents. Montrose’s first collective community canvas goes public June 19 at Redline Gallery, 2350 Arapahoe Street, and will be available for interaction daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. through June 28. Trust me, this could be the start of something big: The young artist plans to send voice boxes around the world. For more information, go to
June 19-28, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., 2009


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