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“Almost every moment in my life is defined by what Madonna album was out, by what Madonna movie, by something that she performed,” explains artist Alon Paul. “Everybody’s got their crazy, and, ultimately, Madonna is my crazy.” Paul grew up in what he calls “the finest trailer parks in Nebraska and Wyoming,” moving 21 times before he was a sophomore in high school. Throughout all of the instability, Madonna was a constant; she was his role model and inspiration.

And now Paul has finally translated his lifelong love for the Material Girl into an amazing artistic endeavor: Starting on the pop diva’s last birthday, he quit drinking and proceeded to create a piece of Madonna-inspired artwork every day for an entire year. Muse:365, a show of these works — everything from paintings to decorated dolls to even a comic book — opened August 15 at the Art Salon, 2219 East 21st Avenue, where it will be on display through September 15. “If Madonna does happen to hear about it and happens to be able to see it, I want her to be equal parts flattered and terrified,” says Paul, laughing.

Although Madonna may not be there, tonight is the perfect opportunity for you to see this impressive display, which will act as the backdrop for the regular My Teenage Angst series, when adults read their teenage diaries aloud. The readings — full of embarrassing teenage crushes and other cringe-worthy adolescent experiences — start at 7 p.m.; real-life teenage band Tables & Chairs will also perform. The event is free and open to the public; for more information, visit, or
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Aug. 18. Continues through Sept. 15, 2012


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