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F Is For Fake

As a photographer, Mark Sink still sees value in old-school techniques: palpable photography committed to a surface in the old-fashioned way, an alchemy of light and magic. His worldview is similar: In a fast-changing world where kids now in art school might never have even put film in a camera, he thinks it’s harder and harder to know what’s real and what’s an outright fake. “Once you get it on your brain, you can look around and see it everywhere: Nature shows are fake, the Survivor man is fake, we have fake building materials and Facebook friends that we don’t need to have,” Sink says. “Why have a healthy lifestyle when you can just trim it off or suck it out of you? We are creating illusions all around us.” And, he adds, the trend is rampant in his chosen art form: “Instagram fake filters make this look like that. And people will ask me, ‘Why do wet plates when you can do the same thing with an iPhone app?’” That’s the underlying theme of The Reality of Fiction, an exhibit curated by Sink for Month of Photography that opens today at RedLine Gallery. A MoP centerpiece, the show presents deception in art from a global perspective.

Sink promises more than ample food for skeptical thought: From cult-favorite preTender photographer Rebecca Martinez’s fake babies to Emily Peacock’s staged re-creations of Diane Arbus shots, these are images that will have you smiling and thinking at the same time.

See The Reality of Fiction at tonight’s reception, beginning at 7 p.m. at RedLine, 2350 Arapahoe Street; programs scheduled throughout the run include a talk by Martinez tomorrow at 2 p.m. The show continues through April 28; get all the details at or call 303-296-4448.
March 8-April 28, 2013


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