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Fight for Your Rights

Pop quiz: You're throwing a raging kegger with your underage bros, and Officer Busybody comes knocking on your door. What do you do? a) Invite the officer in to take a look around; b) Step outside and close the door; c) Tell the five-oh to take a hike; or d) Spray a Coors in the po-po's face and holler, "Lock me up, dude, 'cuz I'm the Hannibal Lecter of PARTYING!"

If the above question has you struggling over your TI-82, get yourself to the free Know Your Rights training tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. at 252 Hellems Hall on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus. "The point is to demonstrate to the average person how to properly handle a high-intensity police encounter," says Britta Stunkard, vice president of the CU-Boulder Law Chapter of the ACLU, which is hosting the training. "Our event is meant to simulate real police encounters." By the way, if you chose d), get a seat in the front row and take lots of notes. For more information, call 303-777-5482, ext. 109.
Wed., Feb. 27, 2008


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