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Films for the Rest of Us

What's better than celebrating Festivus? Celebrating Festivus with four consecutive days of indie films -- and getting lubed on bourbon while you're doing it. Among the highlights of the fifth annual Festivus Film Festival is the world premiere of the Dante's Inferno-inspired horror film Lilith, along with a Q&A session with lead actress Julia Roth. "The filmmaker grew up here in Denver and chose us for his world premiere, turning down other venues and waiting for the right place," explains event organizer Johnathan McFarlane. Other featured attractions include a Friday Rock Out with live music by Wire Faces; abstract-experimental shorts and a Blow Out awards party on Saturday; a locals-only short-film showcase on Rehab Sunday -- and Buffalo Trace bourbon all through the 2012 Festivus festivities. The company "wanted to sponsor us, and it's really great bourbon," says McFarlane.

Events will be held at both the Bug and the Oriental theaters through January 15, with tonight's opening-night after-party at Forest Room 5 and Saturday's awards party at Blake Street Tavern. Full festival VIP passes are $75, day passes for Saturday are $35, and Sunday passes are $30. For location info and a full schedule of events, go to
Jan. 12-15, 2012


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