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First Blood

Nothing says vampire like blood, so celebrate the release of the sure-to-be megahit Twilight -- a teen-angst melodrama about vampires in high school -- by giving up some of your precious bodily fluid for a good cause. The Cinebarre Theater, 10001 Grant Street in Thornton, is sponsoring a blood drive for Children’s Hospital to promote the movie and a good cause at the same time. “It’s a vampire movie, and we were trying to come up with ideas about blood, so we figured, why not blood donation -- and Children’s Hospital was excited about it,” explains Brooke Bieber, manager of Cinebarre. “We try to use promotions in a fun, kind of crazy way, but also help out the community. Everybody likes kids, everybody wants to help out sick kids, so it seemed natural.”

The blood-draining premiere party starts today at 6 p.m. Register to give blood and you’ll receive a pair of free Cinebarre passes for use at future screenings and the knowledge you did something nice. The theater, which has a full bar and restaurant attached, will also offer numerous vampire-themed drink and food specials, from a Bloodsucker Bloody Mary bar to garlic pizzas. And if you absolutely can’t wait to get your Twilight on, Cinebarre offered a midnight screening last night with a tarot card reader, a coffin you can have your picture taken in and other campy, vampy fun -- but no blood drive. The fun last night started at 10 p.m. For more info, visit or call 303-457-1700.
Fri., Nov. 21, 6 p.m., 2008


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